Homework Help Online: How To Approach Statistics

If you’ve stumbled upon the statistics portion of your homework and find that it’s unfamiliar to you, you may want to stop for a while and learn how to understand it. There are some factors to keep in mind before attempting to draw up any stats chart, so make sure you understand the following elements well before commencing.

Decide what you want to achieve with your data

First of all, ask yourself what the purpose is of the data. What you try to achieve will play a big difference in how you approach statistics in your assignment. Are your statistics...?

Determine the two variables you wish to compare with each other

When we speak about simple linear regression, we are referring to the measuring of two separate variables as they relate to each other. It’s important to recognize which two variables you need to use in order to achieve the above purpose.

For example: If you have three sets of data, i.e. days, money, and number of jobs done, you can easily decide which of the two to use in order to reach your purpose. If you wish to measure how much money you made in a week, then the amount of jobs done is unnecessary. However, if you want to measure the average amount of money you made per job, then the days should be excluded.

Get clued up on dependent and independent variables

The difference between independent and dependent data variables will play a large role in what your stats will portray. Therefore always be sure which one is determining the variable. In other words, are you measuring the money, or the days in the above example (after you’ve chosen the two main variables)? The answer will tell you which one is dependent and which one is independent.

Find the right method of displaying your stats

Statistics come in all forms and shapes. A pie chart may not be as revealing as a line graph. Decide which method is best by asking yourself which is the most interpretive for what you are trying to achieve. Whichever method displays your intention the best is the method your teacher will mark you up for.

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