5 Interesting Facts About The History Of Homework In UK

To understand the educational background and decisions made in the UK, you have to keep in mind the diversity of language and people. To read this statement a person could say it is the same as here. The only difference is that English is the first language here. There are numerous languages spoken there with a system that needs to cater to this situation. Making decisions in this part of the world has different elements to consider. We cannot forget that the government itself may have a totally different point of view from the educational system. The way it is handled now is what I consider open-minded in many ways.

  1. In the days before the internet the UK had two ways of teaching students. The more well off and smarter students were sent to academies where they were given homework and taught at the level that coincided with their intelligence. The working class and average children were taught in regular schools.
  2. Homework was always given to the children with the thought process that it was a good learning tool for getting out and functioning in the work world. Being accustomed to using arithmetic, language, and writing skills that are called for in the workforce.
  3. Parents were always expected to make the time needed for their children. Spending time and making sure the studies were completed was a higher than average rate among the parents in the UK. The thought was the more time spent together the stronger the family would be as time rolled on.
  4. Today each school administrator makes the decision on having or not having homework in the classroom. Obviously, with today’s technology the way of thinking has come to a head about the homework scenario. The government stepped in and set up guidelines with schools that do, and do not practice after school studies. In a way this gives the government a type of measuring tool on the importance of the work.
  5. The Educational Department has turned to using the internet to the best of their ability. The positives that happen with using this technology are huge. The students get to choose the language and material to be studied. These things give the parents more of a chance to participate with their kids. The gap of using the new or old method of learning is shortened dramatically. The standard set for schools and time spent on studying ranges from 10 minutes, to 2 ½ hours, that’s from 1st and 2nd year to college.

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