French Homework Help: Directions For Students

French is a language that is often associated with love, beauty and romance. Learning it is not just an academic exercise but a process that many people become passionate about. Unfortunately, like most pursuits it requires a certain amount of effort to be done properly and this requires the completion of homework. Here are some directions that can simplify that process for you.

Try doing it in pairs

Languages are fairly useless to us in solitude. Find a buddy in your class who will work on the homework with you so that you both get to practice your French and finish the assignments faster.

Look for solutions in other texts

Languages are also complex in the fact that any question can have multiple answers, all of which are correct. Look at many French text books so that you get a feel for the different options you have in answering any question. You may even surprise your teacher.

Ask for assistance from your teacher

If you are absolutely uncertain of how to progress, ask your teacher how the work should be approached. Some things are easier to intuit than others.

Find a french speaking language partner

Working on your homework with someone from you class is great but you can get a much more accurate experience by working with some one whose native language is French. Find one on a language exchange site who is interested in practicing English. This will be helpful for assignments that require you to speak rather than write. You may find yourself achieving fluency much more quickly as a result.

Visit a French speaking country

This may seem like an excuse for a vacation but full immersion is actually one of the best ways to learn a language. When you are forced to speak French you let go of anxiety about how the words are said and just speak. This allows you to be corrected by native speakers and even gives you cultural context to attach to many of the words.

Read a famous novel that you love in French

Think of your favorite novel. Now find it in French and read it. Because you have experience with the plot, you will find yourself understanding what a word means without searching for the definition. You may stumble for a few chapters and then find yourself just naturally understanding the rest. This will increase your French vocabulary without boring you and allow you to complete homework much faster.

These are great tips and you can even come up with others on your own or by discussing it with your classmates.

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