How To Tackle Painting And Drawing Homework Without A Hitch?

Painting and drawing homework that you need to complete at home can often be a hassle since you do not always have the right equipment with you. Moreover, there are other factors that need to be taken into consideration such as space and technique. There are a few methods you might want to try out in order to make the whole experiencing of completing your painting work at home without any difficulties. Never rush the creative process, however, since it can cause you more harm than good.

Try Working on the Ground

When you paint or draw on the ground rather than a table, you automatically experience a rapid increase in the speed of your hand movement. If you paint on the ground, the surface is covered right from the start and it is quite helpful in serving as mid-tone. You may use white and black to apply light and dark areas or you might wish to leave it partially visible in your final project. This process leads to artwork that you can finish quickly.


Try to work on various pieces at the same time. When you work in series, you are supposed to complete numerous drawings in a single go and this is a very useful step for different reasons.

Sequence to Follow

If you decide to paint things in a hotchpotch manner, you will find that it is taking longer than expected. You should always finish the background before you move on to the middle-ground. The foreground should always be done last. Once you get the hang of how to create a painting in various layers, you will understand that drawing items on paper should also be done in stages.

All About the Line

Several occasions demand that you must draw using just line for your homework. Your project may involve contour drawings, hatched drawings, blind drawings and cross contour drawings. However, you should not make the mistake of omitting tone from your drawings altogether since your instructors will expect to see a demonstration of your ability to properly apply tone in your works.

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