How To Do Homework: Fighting Procrastination And Focusing On Whats Most Important

Procrastination is bad. Bad but understandable. When you are bored with a task how easy is it to just think: well, if I just take five seconds to send Mindy a text, oh I have to check my Twitter/Facebook status/replies, oh I haven't read my mail yet. And so five seconds become five hours and before you know it the day is over.

But how can you avoid this trap? If your attention fades, how can you refocus? It is hard.

And how can you avoid procrastination altogether? It seems impossible.

Still, there are ways.

Set yourself a challenge:

Set a timer and tell yourself that you have to focus on this task, and this task only for the next – whatever time you think you need. Promise yourself a reward/treat at the end.

If that is too much pressure do try easing yourself into it:

Make a schedule in which you focus on the task for half an hour, then focus on something you enjoy fore 15 minutes. Then, if that works try to lengthen the time you focus on work with 10 minutes each week, until you can focus at-least two hours non stop. You can continue this to whatever stretch of time you want, of course.

Make a list of everything you want to do in a way, and try to get as much as possible ticked off. Place the list on your desk so you'll be reminded of it throughout the day.

Start with the most difficult task, because in the back of your mind that's the one that probably started to make you procrastinate in the first place.

Take a walk. Instead of replacing your work with other cyberspace things that still keep you in front of a screen, take a no TV/Cyberspace break to clear your mind.

Hide the distractions. Clear your desktop, put all the “fun” stuff in a map and put that in another map. Make as much maps as you need to make it less tempting to go for a “quick” Twitter/Facebook break. Put your phone in your closet or a drawer, this will also free you from some temptation.

Stop focusing on perfecting tiny details. Write your essay or whatever it is that needs doing in a rough version first and edit it later. With the big load done, the small load seems less of a challenge.

So remember, procrastination can be avoided, you just need to:

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