How Homework Helps Students: 10 Facts You Might Not Know

We all know the saying “practice makes perfect”. This holds true for academic studies as well and is the reason teachers give so much home work despite complaints from students.

Here are ten reasons homework is beneficial to students.


Even if one understands a subject area well, they may not have a full grasp on all the nuances of the subject matter. Homework helps a student to cover more examples of a particular subject area than is possible during a limited class session and to gain the experience doing each type.


Problems are often encountered during homework because the student may not remember the details of the topic, as a result a student may be required to read the text again, or a further or different chapter to enable them to complete the assignment.

Overall understanding

Classes are often 35 minute to one hour long, whereas one subject area may comprise of a vast collections of studies and information. Homework is an attempt to carry on the class even out of the classroom so a student can cover all of the relevant subject areas despite the short class period times. Much of homework is geared towards making up for what could not be taught in class and inconsistent homework participation is quite likely the reason students see exam questions they have never encountered before.

Develops independent work habits

Homework affords a student the chance to work independently, without the aid of peers or teachers. This aids in the development of independent work habits which are beneficial later in life.


Homework helps to reinforce the lessons and enables a student to revises the day’s work and better commit it to memory.


A student develops the discipline to not play that video game or pick up that book until all homework is done.


Student better learns to organize their time and work material since homework is to be done on their own time. This develops useful qualities for work later in life

Parental interaction

Homework gives parents the ability to interact with their child’s education and become involved.

Personal research

A student may be required to research a topic or subject area and this helps them to develop the ability to manipulate resources on their own.

Resource utilization

Homework often requires research which affords the student opportunities to learn ways to effectively locate and utilize the resources available to them.

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